Blake Lively and Justin Baldoni Cast for ‘It Ends With Us’ Movie 

Colleen Hoover’s novel It Ends With Us will be getting a movie adaptation and Blake Lively and Justin Baldoni have been cast for the movie.  

Colleen Hoover Announces Cast Picks on Instagram

Hoover took to Instagram to reveal the cast and showed her childhood home in the video. In it, Hoover thanked her mother and was appreciative of all the support.  

It Ends With Us best selling list
It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover

“The fact that we are now discussing a movie that’s made from a book that was loosely inspired by my mother is bittersweet,” Hoover said. “Anyway, didn’t mean for this to turn into a sobfest. Our Lily is going to be played by Blake Lively. Blake Lively, y’all. She’s my dream Lily.” 

Colleen Hoover shares news about Blake Lively and Justin Baldoni being cast for It Ends With Us.

While Baldoni might not have been the dream cast like Blake Lively, he eventually won over Hoover “I immediately wanted him (Baldoni) to be Ryle.” 

“I just thought that he had what it takes to play that character,” she said. “The good news is he’s gonna be Ryle. So we have our Ryle and our Lily.” 

“I think that Justin Baldoni and Blake Lively have what it takes to bring these characters to life,” Hoover added after revealing the two as being cast for the roles.  

A Lot of Pressure

The popularity of the book makes this one of the most anticipated movies of the next few years. There’s going to be a lot of pressure on everyone working on this film. Blake Lively has already received criticism for being too old to play Lily.  

Expect this movie to be in the news a lot in the coming months. I expect this news to propel the book back to the top of the weekly best-seller lists.  


Are you looking forward to seeing the book being adapted into a movie? What do you make of the casting choices? Let us know in the comments below! 

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