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Artemis book cover

Book Review: Artemis

When Jazz is hired sabotage Artemis, a city on the moon, she accepts. But when she gets caught in too deep, it is up to her to fix everything … Read More >Book Review: Artemis

Lore book cover

Book Review: Lore

Books about Greek mythology are in abundance and always will be. We are fascinated by the ancient stories and with powerful gods walking on earth. Alexandra Bracken takes it a notch further in her novel Lore and asks the question “What if the Gods were mortal for a week?” Lore: Summary Lore is trying to … Continue ReadingBook Review: Lore

The name of the Wind

Book Review: The Name of the Wind

Follow the life story of Kvothe, an imfamous magician feared all across Temerant. … Read More >Book Review: The Name of the Wind