Book Series Review: The Chronicles of Narnia

The Chronicles of Narnia follow four children Ann, Martin, Rose and Peter. While playing, the accidentally end up in Narnia, a world where animals can talk and magic is real. The children get caught up in a battle between animals and the witch that rules Narnia. It is up to the children to save their friend and the residents of Narnia with the help of a lion and new friends they make. … Read More >Book Series Review: The Chronicles of Narnia

Book Review: Angels and Demons

Langdon has 24 hours to find where the antimatter is before it explodes. It is located somewhere in Vatican City and will explore and wipe out the Vatican at midnight if not found. In order to find its whereabouts, Langdon must team up with Vittoria and find clues that will lead them to the illuminati and the antimatter before time runs out. … Read More >Book Review: Angels and Demons

Book Review: Swan Song

Both parties are planning for a battle that will decide the fate of humanity. Josh must find alleys and rebuild civilization and take it back from the chaos and disorder. But with a villain that is not human, Josh must help Swan realize her potential while also protecting as she is humanity’s last hope. … Read More >Book Review: Swan Song