Goodreads’ Best Books of April 2023  

March is almost over and we are all waiting for April to arrive. The flowers will bloom and we will be sitting outside with a book and start reading. And we have you covered with new books with Goodreads’ best books of April 2023! 

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Goodreads Best Books of April 2023

The list of books is curated by members of Goodreads and not the people who run the website. That is a big difference. I trust the users a lot more because they are doing it for the love of reading. The list was made by Goodreads’ editors by looking at how often books were added to their ‘To Read” shelves.  

Goodreads’ Best Books of April 2023 

March Showers, April Books?  

It is no surprise to see Emily Henry on the list. She has become a go-to author and her books seem to be everywhere lately. One of her books is being adapted into a movie which is not surprising.  

The list includes a variety of books no matter what genre you love. And these are just some of the hundreds of books that will be releasing next month. As always, we will be covering the latest releases so you can find them easily! 


What books on the list are you most excited about? Are there any books that should have made Goodreads’ best books of April 2023 list? let us know in the comments below! 

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