Book Review: Why You Should Read Ready Player One

Ready Player One by Ernest Clive has won the heart of millions. Find out why you should read the Y.A novel … Read More >Book Review: Why You Should Read Ready Player One

Book Review: Fruit of the Drunken Tree

Petrona, the live-in maid hired by the Santiago family, wants to provide for her family and also please her new boyfriend. She gets caught up in a messy situation when her boyfriend pressures her into giving her information on the Santiago family. Now she must choose between between the Santiago family or sacrifice them for her own safety. … Read More >Book Review: Fruit of the Drunken Tree

Book Review: World Gone By

When Joe learns that a hit put on him from a stranger he doesn’t know, he becomes paranoid. He can’t sleep anymore and decides to find the person that is supposed to kill him before the date of his hit. That means Joe has to use everything at his disposal including his former crime partners to ensure his and his family’s safety. … Read More >Book Review: World Gone By

Book Review: Fahrenheit 451

Guy Montag is a fireman and that means he and his coworkers go to houses and burn them down if they have any books inside of them. In this world, owning and reading a book is illegal. Montag steals a book from a home and now has to prevent the authorities from capturing him and finding out why books are actually banned. … Read More >Book Review: Fahrenheit 451

Book Review: The Time Keeper

Dor is the first time keeper in the world and he is punished by god for it. Now he must spend forever keeping track of people’s concern with time. In order to finally pass on, he is tasked with helping two people, a teenager girl and an old man with their problems concerning time. … Read More >Book Review: The Time Keeper

Book Review: The Alice Network

Charlotte St Clair, Charlie for short, is a smart college girl who is pregnant and teams up with a retired female spy and a butler with a mysterious past. They are trying to track down Charlie’s best friend from childhood who has been missing since World War 2 ended. Now, the trio will travel around France trying to track down clues that will lead to her friend Rose. … Read More >Book Review: The Alice Network