The Rings of Power Season One Episode Guide

Season one of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power has concluded and we are left waiting for the second season now. With our season one episode guide, you can revisit any of the eight episodes and catch up on anything you may have missed.

Before reading any further, there will be spoilers on this post and the episode reviews so if you haven’t seen the show yet and plan to, then stop here. Otherwise, you can continue.

Season two have started filming but it may be a couple of years before it arrives on Amazon Prime. That is a long time and you will forget some major plots. To catch up on any of the episodes, we have made an episode review guide so you can learn the major plot points in minutes!

The Rings of Power episode 8 Galadriel holding a dagger
The Rings of Power episode 8 review

The Rings of Power Season One Episode Guide

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  1. Episode 1 “A Shadow of the Past” Review
  2. Episode 2 “Adrift” Review
  3. Episode 3 “Adar” Review
  4. Episode 4 “The Great Wave” Review
  5. Episode 5 “Partings” Review
  6. Episode 6 “Udûn” Review
  7. Episode 7 “The Eye”
  8. Episode 8 “Alloyed”

What Season Two Can Improve On

With season one in the books, the showrunners are focused on the second season. There are a lot of stuff that can be improved and I expect the show to get better. With some experience under their belt, the pacing and writing will improve. 

Sauron has been revealed and doesn’t have to hide in the shadows. That will lead to a better storyline and to bigger battles. The best episode of season one was Episode 6 and that was the battle that took up the whole episode. More scenes like that will make the show better. Those scenes need to be set up much faster so the fans are rewarded for watching the slower episodes. 


While many things could have been done better, season one was still good. J.R.R. Tolkien’s work was adapted and new elements were added as well as the timeline of events moved around. Some fans will be angry at that but for a new story, that was necessary. We have Tolkien’s completed work and now are getting a new story that ties into the books.

There won’t be all the major characters from the Lord of the Rings but we are likely to see a few of them. Sauron has made his appearance and Gandalf will most likely be included. Once the show comes back, we will be following it episode by episode once again so you can get your Lord of the Rings content here!

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