The Rings of Power Episode 7 Review

The seventh episode of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power followed the aftermath of the eruption of Mount Doom. We see who has survived, who is missing, and the formation of Mordor. And for the Elves, they need the mithril to survive but the Dwarven King doesn’t seem to be in a giving mood. Keep reading to find out what happened this episode and what it means for the last episode of season one.

“The Eye”

Mount Doom has erupted and while episode six made it seem like a lot of people were going to die, nobody really did. Everyone important survived and Isildur is missing. If you don’t see a dead body, assume that character is still alive. Mordor has finally been created and the Orcs can walk in daylight. Nothing really important happens at Middle-earth besides Miriel losing her sight and confirming the return of more Númenórean. 

I almost forget to mention the most important revelation of this episode. Galadriel is returning to her homeland and is taking Halbrand with her because he needs Elven medicine. We can safely assume the dude injured himself so Galadriel would take him with her. 

The Harfoot

As the Harfoot return, they are surprised to find the trees destroyed. So, they ask the magic meteor guy to fix things and he does but the tree almost kills a child. That gets him kicked out. Not sure if that was really his fault but everyone here has short time memory so it doesn’t matter much as long as it keeps the plot going. 

The three white mages visit and seemingly confirm that meteor man was here. Nori comes out of hiding and decided to tell them that he went the other way. That leads to one of the white mages to set the food storages on fire. Nori needs to learn some self-control. If this was Game of Thrones, all of them would have been dead but this show is PG so nothing too gory.

Mount Doom Erupts creating Mordor
Galadriel after Mount Doom erupts

After that, Nori and a couple of the Harfoot change their mind about meteor man and decide to go warn him. See, short term memory comes in very handy. 


Elrond makes a speech to get the Dwarven King Durin to help him by digging the mithril. After discussing it with his son, King Durin says that the Elves are destined to die out and says no to the proposition. Prince Durin decides to help Elrond by digging by himself. They find the mithril but right then, King Durin arrives and kicks Elrond out of the mountain. 

The king and the prince trade insults and that leads to the king removing the prince’s necklace that we couldn’t even see. Prince Durin’s wife gives a grand speech about how Durin is the rightful heir and should be king. Expect a coup next episode. 

The scene ends with King Durin telling the dwarves to close the mithril mine. But not before he throws the leaf that Elrond brought into the mine and at the bottom is a balrog.  Maybe digging is not a great idea but we know that for the Elves to survive, they need the mithril.


Someone please explain to me why the queen had to put herself in danger? Now she is blind and she should have known better. It is good that she is still committed to the war against the orcs. Her general Elendil not so much. His son is presumed dead and that makes him regret saving Galadriel. Considering his horrible relationship with his son, this scene doesn’t work as well as it should.

My biggest annoyance with this episode was the lack of information regarding how many orcs there are. We saw in episode 6 that they had about a dozen captured and some escaped. This episode seems to imply there are hundreds. Even if more arrived, it would take a couple of days or so. Time is of little importance in this show and that has been annoying at times.  

Can we talk about Nori always causing trouble for the Harfoot? She means well but too often she puts everyone around her in danger, that was shown in the first scene with her when she and the children sneak off to get food. But a wolf was lurking in the area. That is great for shadowing and we see it time and time again. 

Why does meteor man not talk? It is because if he does, he will give away information on who he is. The safe answer is Gandalf. The first reason is because Sauron is almost definitely Halbrand. The second reason is because of Gandalf’s friendly relationship with the Hobbits. We know that the Hobbits are the descendants of Harfoots so this storyline would make sense.  

Lastly, the storyline with the Dwarves seems to be the least interesting. We know that the Elves don’t die out so they will get the mithril. All the scenes are slow and boring and nothing really happens. This storyline should have been cut out as it adds very little to the overall plot of the show. 


There is one more episode left and one last chance to see Sauron. With Mordor being created, Sauron’s rise is around the corner. But before that happens, he will have to go to the homeland of the Elves and create the rings. The name of the show should finally come into play as I expect them to be mentioned before the first season ends. Everything else is a blank as most of the conflict seems not to be imminent .

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