Book Review: Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Frodo Baggins must destroy the ring before Sauron gets to it or the Middle-Kingdom will be destroyed. … Read More >Book Review: Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Book Review: The Riyria Revelations

Royce and Hadrian believed they were stealing a sword from a resident staying in the king’s castle. Instead, they are framed for killing the king and arrested. Now they must protect the new king and prove their innocence while being hunted by their enemies. … Read More >Book Review: The Riyria Revelations

Book Review: Baptism of Fire

Geralt of Rivia has been recovering in the forest of Brokolin while the world around him is at war. Nilfgard took the initiative and is winning the war so far. And they supposedly have Ciri. Geralt decides to travel to Nilfgard territory to somehow rescue her but he isn’t going alone. Old friends and new friends he makes along the way are there to help him with his journey and make him realize he doesn’t have to carry the burden alone. … Read More >Book Review: Baptism of Fire