The Rings of Power: Episode 3 Review

The third episode of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power was released on September 9 and it picks up the pace for the show. Keep reading to find out what happened in this episode and what I thought of it.

There will be spoilers so if you do not want to read any before watching the show, we recommend coming back after you have seen the episode. The spoilers will be kept to a minimum but some are integral to the episode’s plot and can’t be avoided.

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The third episode starts off with Galadriel waking up and finding that she and Halbrand are headed towards Númenor, an island inhabited by humans. This island is special because was gifted to the humans who sided with the Elves during the war against Morgoth. Galadriel is treated with disdain as Elves are no longer welcome to the island. 

Throughout the episode, Galadriel learns about a group of people that still respect and speak Elven. She finds allies and learns more about Sauron and his plan to raise an army. Halbrand has a hard time starting over on the island and we learn about his real identity. 

Arondir has been captured by the Orcs and forced to dig along with other prisoners. The Orcs are unable to be directly in sunlight or they start to burn. The four Elves try to formulate a plan to escape and report back to the Elves but things don’t go as planned.

Nori plans to help the meteor man by stealing a map of the stars that are the same as the one meteor man wants to return to. But Nori has other worries as her father is unable to migrate because of his swollen ankle. Sadoc gives a speech to the Harfoot but meteor man crashes it and that leads to Nori’s family having to travel at the back, making it tougher for them to make the migration.


This episode felt like things were finally are starting to happen. We see the Orcs living their best life and we see the amazing city of Númenor. The show is going to showcase its world building ability and it has done a great job so far.

In this episode, we get 20 minutes of three of the five point of views. That sets up the episode to deep dive and it works really well. The pacing and the plot are developed and it doesn’t feel like a lot is happening. Not every episode is going to be like this but it was a nice break of throwing a lot at the viewer as in the past two episodes.


This was a great third episode and it delivered. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it has gotten me excited for episode 4 and what will happen next. You can also read our episode review for the previous episodes. Happy watching!

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