The Rings of Power: Episode Four Review

The fourth episode of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power has aired and the pieces are starting to fit. Middle-earth is ripe for a war and we see a lot of stuff happen that leads us to believe it is around the corner.

This review is full of spoilers so read at your own risk. While there won’t be big plot reveals, some stuff cannot be avoided, especially in an episode review.

The Great Wave

The episode opens up with a flood destroying Númenor but it is only a dream. Or a vision of the future as we are told later on. Galadriel is arrested for taking back to the queen and put in a cell until she is to be sent back to her hometown. But once they let her out of the cell, she overpowers the guards and escapes to meet the king.

But Tar-Míriel is at the bedchamber of her father and we learn more as to why Númenor does not like the Elves. Simply put, the people don’t want anything to do with them and revolted under the king’s reign. After that, Tar-Míriel sends Galadriel packing on a boat but the white tree starts to whittle which makes Tar-Míriel change her mind and aid Galadriel’s quest to go to the Southlands.

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The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power episode 4 review

The second plot that needs some summary is Elrond and Durin’s adventures in Khazad-dûm. Elrond learns about the new mineral called mithril. It is used in the armor Frodo Baggins wears in the future. While mining for this mineral, the cave collapses and traps four Dwarves. They are eventually found and are alive. Happy endings there. Also, Elrond has invited Durin to his home country and Durin plans to go to figure out what the Elves are planning. 

Lastly, we finally see father… I mean Adar and he is a deformed Elf. He lets Alondir go and how does Alondir repay his gratitude? By killing his children… I mean Orcs right after. Alondir saves Theo who plays a brave soldier but doesn’t even know how to wield a sword. Just swing it at the Orc’s head! It’s a cursed sword, I’m sure it’ll work out. 

The show pays homage to Star Wars and the Stormtroopers as every arrow shot by the Orcs misses. Last episode, we saw an Orc shoot a human from over 300 feet with ease in one try. But this episode, Orcs seem to be unable to hit one guy standing still right in front of them…And the best part is that they are saved by the sun because it just happened to be dawn when they escaped the forest.


The episode felt like it was moving forward the plot which was good. But please make the fight scenes a bit more believable. We can safely rule out that Adar is not Sauron. When we meet Adar, he mourning the death of an Orc and that is unlike Sauron. And secondly, we are given hints as to where Sauron might be at the moment. 

When Durin is talking to his father about the invitation to visit Valinor, the homeland of the Elves, we are told that they think someone is pulling the strings. It is safe to assume that whoever is pulling the strings knew Elrong would turn to the Dwarves for aid. The project he was offered was impossible for him to do, making his reaching out to his Dwarf friend his only option.

In the Tolkien history, it was said that Sauron was living amongst the Elves disguised as an Elf. He has the Dwarves make the rings of power and this is how it started. That is my guess and I would not be surprised if this comes to fruition. The best place to hide is the last place Galadriel would look: her home. 

Númenor’s Future

The other part of the episode that needs to be discussed is Númenor. The vision about Númenor being destroyed is going to happen because we know that Pharazôn does not exist in the future. We are told why it will be flooded. Númenor goes back on its pledge and does not come to the aid of the Elves. However, that is not for a while and it involves Tar-Míriel’s advisor Pharazôn.

Pharazôn is shown talking to people that aren’t considered powerful in Pharazôn. He is planting the seeds for a power grab and the best way to do that is to convince the people. With some words, Pharazôn puts down a mob and we witness his ability to influence the population. And he does not hold back his distaste of the Elves.

In the future, he will play a part in the downfall of Númenor and we are shown exactly how. This episode not only tells is that Númenor is doomed, it also shows us how it will happen. 


That is what I took from this episode? What do you think of what happened so far? We are halfway in and things seem to be moving in place. 

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    I am amazed at your comprehension of this labyrinthine plot and story! Thanks for relaying it to us unwashed readers.


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