Game of Thrones NFTs Set to Release Later this Year

Brace yourselfs because Game of Thrones NFTs are coming. Just when you thought NFTs were a thing of the past, they somehow come back to life like White Walkers.

Game of Thrones NFTs are Set to Release By End of Year

HBO and Warner Bros. Discovery will be launching digital-collectible NFTs based on the Game of Thrones franchise. They will be launching “Game of Thrones; Build Your Realm” which lets people purchase unique NFTs as well as trade and sell them.

Considering how most NFTs have crashed and nobody is looking to buy NFTs at the moment, the timing of this is horrible. But it makes sense timing wise as House of the Dragon recently aired on HBO and has gotten people interested in Game of Thrones again.

Game of Thrones NFTs are set to release later this year

There will be some interest in the NFTs as some people will try to cash in on the new NFTs and others who actually are big fans of the show. The launch date or prices of the NFTs have not been announced. Warner Bros. Discovery only confirmed that it will be launching later this year. They will be teaming with Nifty’s, an NFT platform centered around fan communities.

Warner Bros. Discovery is Trying to Ride the Waves of House of the Dragon Sucess

The hype around NFTs has died down which is why I do not think this will do well. Warner Bros. Discovery announced the plans for the Game of Thrones NFT a week after the final of House of the Dragon which scored the biggest viewership for an HBO season finale.

Releasing this after seeing how well the show did is a safe way to ensure a good return. Just when we think NFTs are on their way out, they somehow find a way to stay around just a little bit longer.

What The Digital Collectibles Will Look Like

The company said that the NFT collectible experience will start off with an initial sale of unique Game of Thrones inspired avatars. They will be bundled with a pack of digital collectibles that will allow “users to begin their journey and upgrade their avatar.”

This sounds like a card game game that should be in the Apple store. It should not be an NFT that is going to be priced for a ridiculous amount. The rollout of the digital collectibles will include “thematic activities, on-site engagement and additional digital collectibles.”

Josh Hackbarth, who is the head of NFT commercial development for Warner Bros. Discovery, said in a statement “Our goal, as always, with the fans is to create new ways for them to interact with the stories and characters they love. We’re excited to expand the ‘Game of Thrones’ fandom and franchise with this unique digital collectible program that’ll engage fans on a deeper level, allowing them to immerse into the world of Westeros, and enhance the overall fan experience.”


Only time will tell how good or bad this NFT project will do. Let’s hope Warner Bros. Discovery is serious about this venture and doesn’t abandon it after a few months.

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    This is what nfts should be. people buying digital tokens of things they like and want to support. Not an investment.


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