The Record for the Most Books Signed in a Single Session

Book signings are always a fun event because fans can meet their favorite authors and get a signed copy of a book. That also helps the author sell books and answer questions fans have about the latest book that the author has written.

Most Books Signed in a Single Session

That made us wonder what the biggest book signing event was. Signing a book is a fun experience but what if you had to sign thousands and thousands of books? That would not be fun anymore but it would be an impressive feat for sure!

The record for the most book signings in a single session is 6904 books and was achieved by Vickrant Mahajan on January 30, 2016 for his book Yes, Thank You Universe. Mahajan has set many records including the most shoes shined in 8 hours and various others. He even tried to set a 100 world records in a single year!

Guinnes World Record for most books signed ina single session
Vickrant Mahajan sets the record for the most books signed in a single session.

How Did Vickrant Mahajan Pull This Off?

Accomplishing a ridiculous record like that deserves some props and an ice pack for his wrist! I can’t even imagine how long that took. Did he have a method that made the signing faster or did he do it like a regular book signing? So many questions and unfortunately for us, no elaborations.

Considering that Mahajan is a professional world record setter, he knows which records to pursue. He must have seen the previous record and thought that he can do better. After a few thousand signings, I am sure that he regretted his decision to pursue this record. What I want to know is whether Mahajan’s book was sold or did they give it out for free? Or does he actually have a lot of fans?

Would You Ever Attempt to Break This Record?

And there you have it. Now you know the record setter for this insane record. Would you ever try to break this record if you could? While it would be fun to see my name in the Guinness World Records, the whole thing sounds like a big headache.

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