Kryie Irving’s Tweet Causes Antisemitic Book to Soar in Sales

Kyrie Irving shared an antisemitic movie last week on his Twitter and sales for the book skyrocketed this week.

Kyrie Irving’s Tweet Leads to Antisemitic Book to Soar in Sales

Irving has said that he doesn’t support everything in the book but did not refuse to say that he was antisemitic or apologize in a press conference on Thursday. A week after he tweeted the link without any words, NBA team the Brooklyn Nets, the team Irving is signed to, suspended him without pay for five games.

Nets Owner Joe Tsai denounced Irving for sharing content that is ““full of antisemitic disinformation. Nike also made a statement denouncing antisemitism.

NBA Brooklyn Nets Basketball player Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving’s Tweet about antisemitic book leads to a. surge in book sales

The book which I won’t name so it doesn’t get any more exposure became the best-selling book on Amazon’s Religion and Spirituality and Social Sciences categories. Audiobooks also saw an uptick in sales as it was the 9th best-selling audiobook on Apple Books and came in at 13 on Audible’s top audiobooks list.  

Irving doesn’t understand that by just tweeting about something means that he is giving it a huge platform. If Kanye West is in your corner, then you messed up.

Print Sales See a Major Increase in Sales

Print sales saw an increase as the book saw roughly an 800 percent increase according to data from NYD Bookscan. The total number is only 189 but that is a lot more than it would have been had Irving not tweeted about the movie. That is one of the best weeks for the book since it was published in 2015.

Many people have asked why Irving is getting a lot of heat for this and Amazon isn’t. The reason for that is the Irving is employed by the NBA and they do not approve of antisemitism. Amazon can uphold a stricter guideline but have to balance that with protecting free speech. Irving was called out on his Tweet and did not condemn antisemitism or apologize which was why the suspension was given.

An Expensive Tweet

In total, Irving will lose $2.2 million of his salary for the five games he has been suspended without pay. That is about $450,000per game that he won’t be paid for. His tweet has been an expensive one and the fallout is still ongoing.

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  1. mindforbooks says:

    Oh my goodness, I didn’t know who this guy was so looked him up and he is also a flat earther! What a lunatic!

    1. Ahaqir says:

      Yea, that seems to be forgotten with all the drama he has been on the past couple of years.


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