The Rings of Power Season Two May Take a Long Time To Arrive on Amazon

Season one of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is almost over and that begs the question: When is season two going to air? It may take a long time and this is why.

The Rings of Power Season Two May Be A Long Wait  

The first season of The Rings of Power took almost 5 years to make it to Amazon Prime since it started filming in 2017. With a season already under their belts, Amazon Studios has a good grasp of the process. Even then, it can still take a long time. Without COVID and a lockdown shutting down filming, it will not take five years. It should take two to three years for the second season to arrive on Amazon.

The good news is that filming of season two has already started. That can be seen as a good or a bad sign. It is good that they are filming the second season while the current season is airing to get it done faster. But that may also mean that it is a long process that takes a long time. I believe it is the latter and a show as big as this is going to take a while to do everything perfectly.

Mount Doom Erupts creating Mordor
Galadriel after Mount Doom erupts

The Rings of Power has Been a Huge Success for Amazon

The TV adaption by Amazon has been a success so far for the retail conglomerate. They aren’t afraid to spend money as it is estimated that they have spent over $700 million to acquire the show and make it. We don’t know how much money Amazon made or lost but that doesn’t matter much to Amazon owner Jeff Bezos. Amazon wanted a tv show that could rival HBO’s Game of Thrones without the violence and sex and they have succeeded in doing that.

That doesn’t mean the show hasn’t had problems. In its first week, the show got bombarded with 1-star ratings by trolls and some fans made racist remarks about the non-white actors. Amazon has learned the hard way that success has its own problems and should get better at dealing with issues going forward. 

Season Two of the Rings of Power

Season two of The Rings of Power is also slated to have 8 episodes. That sounds great for production but the episodes tend be an hour long. Having a short season is difficult as the writers and producers have to fit four to five overarching plots into one season. The one criticism that I have for the show is that it hasn’t had the best writing. I would like that to be a main focus now that Amazon has finally released the first season and it has been everything they imagined and much more. 

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