Amazon Starts Filming the Second Season of The Rings of Power

Amazon’s hit tv show The Rings of Power has starting filming for the second season in the United Kingdom.

Season one is still airing and has two more episodes to go before it comes to an end. The show has been guaranteed 5 seasons with at least one billion dollars set in production. The first season of the show was shot in New Zealand which took about 18 months because of the pandemic. 

The Rings of Power Season Two Starts Filming

The switch to the U.K is considered to be for economic reasons and it is also where Amazon Studios is making its home for its multishow hub. 

The Lord of the Rings tv show
Season two of The Rings of Power goes starts filming

Season two will also have a total of 8 episodes. Not much has been revealed about season two but a new character was announced. Círdan, a wise and old elf, will be in season two. He has not been cast as of yet.

The success of season one has made a future season a safe bet as The Rings of Power was streamed for a total of 1.3 billion minutes in its debut week. Episode 1 and 2 were made available in its debut week.   

As season one comes to a close, the show has a few mysterious it has yet to disclose. Who is Sauron and who is meteor man? Will one or both of these questions be answered before the season ends or will they carry over to the next season? Only time will tell but either way, a second season promises new storylines and new mysteries to solve. 

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