The Decagon House Murders: Book Review

Today, we will reviewing the Japanese mystery novel The Decagon House Murders by Yukito Ayatsuji and translated by Hong-Li Wong. It is a mystery novel that takes inspiration from a classic Agatha Christie novel. Keep reading for our book review and to see if you should read this novel next!

The Decagon House Murders Summary

Seven students who are part of a mystery club decide to spend a week vacation on an island off the coast of Japan. A murder took place on the island six months ago which is part of the reason why it was selected and the case was never solved. A day after they arrive, they wake up to a warning that six of the seven friends will be killed.

The Decagon House Murders book review

At the same time in Japan, a former member of the mystery club named Kawaminami received a letter that says that the death of a member of the mystery club was a murder. Kawaminami decides to investigate the letter and learns that that former member’s murder and the murder on the islands from six months ago are connected.

The seven members of the mystery club have to figure out who the murderer is before it is too late. Who wants to kill the members of the mystery club and how it is related to the death of the former member?


The novel is inspired by the Agatha Christie novel And Then There Were None. But the novel is still original and it is a great whodunit novel that will keep you thinking. I enjoyed the twists and turns and loved the two different point stories coming together at the end.

As a fan of mystery, this novel was everything I could have expected and more. I will say, all those Agatha Christie novels helped because I was able to guess who the killer us. Even then, there were a lot of plot twists that I couldn’t figure out the main plot twist at the end.


If you are looking for a fun mystery novel, then this is it. It is an interesting murder mystery that has a bunch of twists to keep you guessing. Happy reading!

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