And Then There Were None: Book Review

One of the most well known authors has one of the most popular novels under her belt. Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None is a timeless classic and is one of the reasons she’s sold the most novels in the world all-time. Find out why you should read this timeless novel next!

And Then There Were None Summary

Eight people receive personal invitation to a small island. They accept and arrive on the island but find out from the butler and the cook that the Ulick Norman Owen and Una Nancy Owen have not arrived yet but have left instructions for the guests.

As the guests make their way to their rooms, an old rhyme called “Ten Little Indians”hangs in every room. After supper is served and eaten, a phonograph record plays and accuses all ten guests of murder.

And Then There Were None book cover
And Then There Were None novel

The guests start talking and realize that none of them knows the Owens. One guest even points out that the guests adds up to Unknown. One of the guests finishes his drink and falls and dies.

Now the mystery of who the Owens are becomes important as someone has been killed. And what do the guests have in common. As the novel progresses and the victims pile up, we dive deep into the mystery and the checkered past of the ten guests.

And Then There Were None Kindle Edition


This novel is ubiquitous and if not read then definitely heard about by most people. Christie is regarded as the best mystery novelist and in this novel, we see exactly why. She sets up a wonderful scene and teases the reader and making our imagination run wild.

But this novel wasn’t without its own drama. The novel’s nursery rhyme had a racist name and the novel was published with that cover in the U.K. In the U.S., the novel’s title was changed as the title was too controversial, even in 1937.

Besides that, the writing and the mystery were brilliant. This novel made me go out of my way and read most of Christie’s novels. And I definitely recommend anyone who hasn’t read this novel to pick it up and give it a go!

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  1. Alice says:

    I am actually re-reading Christie books after I read ‘Poirot’ by Mark Aldridge. So, I did Curtain and am now eager to start ‘the murder of Roger Ackroyd.’


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