Constance Wu’s 10 Favorite Books  

Actress Constance Wu got her start in Hollywood on the ABC show Fresh Off the Boat in 2015 and topped that off by starring in Crazy Rich Asians in 2018. But Wu is also a fan of books and is an avid reader. Find out what Constance Wu’s 10 favorite books are and how many you have read! 

Constance Wu’s ten favorite books!

Wu did not let up after getting her start on the hit ABC show. Other shows she starred in included Hustlers and Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile. And just last year, she released her memoir Making a Scene that was well received and addressed her experience in Hollywood and media controversy where she was unhappy that the show she starred on was renewed for another season. 

Constance Wu’s 10 Favorite Books 

Constance Wu Talks About Her Favorite Books

The list contains a bunch of good reads. Seeing a lesser-known book by J.D. Salinger is great because they mostly get remembered for the one book that was critically acclaimed. Lily King makes two appearances on the list and Wu even adds insight to one of her picks from the author. 

For the novel Writers & Lovers, Wu wrote “There’s a line that says how feelings are physical, so write them that way. It reminded me of the sense memory exercises you learn in Method Acting and is a good way to write.”  

Another book where she added a comment is for The Neapolitan Novels by Elena Ferrante. “I’ve heard some (very smart) folks refer to the women in these books as intense or complicated, but they’re not. They’re real and normal. They only feel complicated in context of how we usually hear women’s stories: from the male perspective, or not at all,” wrote Wu. 

Lastly, Wu discusses why she chose Gilead. “Dusk is my favorite time of day, and Gilead has a sort of suspended dusk-like quality to it. An old preacher’s life is nearing its end, and he writes his story for his young son to read when he’s older. The images, feelings, and words of this book sit on the heart like a warm salve.” 


That is all for Constance Wu’s ten favorite books. What did you think of her list? Let us know in the comments below. Until next time, happy reading! 

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