The Ferryman Book Review

Today we will be reviewing Justin Cronin’s latest novel The Ferryman. What happens when the line between the truth and reality isn’t as cleat as you thought keep reading to find out what we thought of this book and if you should read it next!

The Ferryman Summary

Prospera is a utopian that lies in the middle of the ocean, hidden away from the world that is in chaos. The archipelago is inhibited by people that are divided by class. The elite live on the largest island and the working class and support staff reside on a smaller island. And lastly, the Nursery is where people are sent to retire, memories wiped clean, and reborn young.

Proctor Bennett is a Ferryman who likes his job. He is married and accommodates people that are about to retire to the ferry that takes the people to the Nursery. It is Bennett’s job to make the journey as smooth as possible. But when he has to retire his father, a few words mentioned by his father during the ride change Bennett’s life.

The Ferryman by Justin Cronin novel

As Bennett tries to uncover the dark secrets of Prospera, everything he believes in is turned upside down. He loses his job and is hunted as a fugitive. Who is behind all of this, why does he dream when others don’t, and what did his father try to tell him before he boarded the ferry? All of these questions take Bennett and Prospera on a journey that will upend everything he’s known.


The Ferryman is an amazing read with so many layers. A lot takes place in this novel and I am surprised at how cohesive it all is. Trying to describe this novel to a friend seems impossible because of how much you have to explain and then explain all of the misdirection.

Cronin is already regarded as a talented author. He is best known for The Passage which is over 800 pages long. And somehow, I think this novel might be the ones that many readers will remember going forward. Few authors could write a novel like this and even less can do it by not overexplaining everything.

This is a novel that is meant to be read multiple times. During the second read when you know the overlying plot, things will make sense that didn’t during the first read. I would have loved for there to be a sequel and you never know. There is just enough for Cronin to continue to build this world out.


I expect this novel to be one of the standouts of 2023. And that is saying something when this year has been filled with so many amazing novels. Happy reading!

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