Sci-Fi Books Releasing in October to Check Out

As October rolls in, we will be getting some new sci-fi books. Keep reading to find out which books you should read!

The sci-fi genre has a lot to offer. And there will be some interesting releases in October. If you love sci-fi novels, then these ones will capture your attention. You may recognize some of these authors but many of them will be strangers until you give their books a chance. You can see the full list of the new releases below!

Sci-Fi Books Releasing in October to Check Out

The Quiet Room

The Quiet Room: A Rabbits Novel by Terry Miles

Emily Connors finds herself in a a dimensional stream where Rabbits, a musterious alternate reality game that take place in the entire world, doesn’t exist. Or so she thinks. But when she encounters dangerous figures, she starts to wonder. Is she already a part of the game or is it hidden this time?

Red River Seven

Red River Seven by A. J. Ryan
Red River Seven by A. J. Ryan

A man wakes up on a boat at sea and does not remember who he is or where he is. Beside him, 6 other people are there and they also cannot remember their names. But they all have a gun. An instruction tells them to go to point A, forcing them to work together to survive. Can they work together or will disunity lead to their deaths?

These Burning Stars

Part time thief Jun Ironway is on a backwater planet when she finds a lifetime, a secret that can destroy the Kindom, the ruling power of the galaxy. Her discovery leads to two clerics sent by the Kinddom to hunt her down.

Tracking all three of them is a ghost named Six. Nobody is sure what Six wants but it has something to do with the shared history of Jun and the two clerics. Who will prevail in the end?


These are some of the most talked about sci-fi books releasing in 2023 that you should check out. What other sci-fi books are you excited for? Let us know in the comments below!

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