The Midnight Library: Book Review 

One of the most talked about books in 2022 was The Midnight Library by Matt Haig. After finally getting around to reading it, I can say it surpassed my expectations by a large margin. Keep reading for a review of the novel and whether you should add it to your reading list.  

 The Midnight Library Summary 

Mora Seed is the protagonist of the novel and she is unhappy with her life choices. When her cat is found dead outside her home and she is fired from work the next day, Nora decides to kill herself. She feels alone and feels like nobody cares about her.  

But after Nora tries to kill herself, she finds herself in a library managed by her school librarian Mrs. Elm. In the library, it is always midnight and time does not move. Mrs. Elm explains to Nora that she can live other lives where she made different decisions which led to different outcomes. 

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig
The Midnight Library book review

Nora visits other lives where she is a rockstar, a mother, an Olympic swimmer, and almost anything else she can imagine. But she still can’t find a reason to continue living. Mrs. Elm tries to guide Nora to a life where she is happy but Nora has to decide for herself what that is.  

As Nora slips into different lives, she learns more about herself and the people around her. But time seems to be running out for Nora. If she doesn’t choose a life soon, it may be the end once and for all. 


The concept of this novel is brilliant. Haig conveys a beautiful message in this novel and it really resonated with me. I often enjoy books for the storytelling but a great life lesson is always a wonderful surprise. 

The novel was well-received and became a bestseller and made various end of year lists. It was also one of the most checked out books of 2022!  

If you are having a midlife crisis or need some encouragement, then this is a great book to read. Haig suffered from a mental breakdown when he was 24 and you can tell that he is writing from personal experience. His uplifting message is a great reminder in a world that seems to forget the small things in life.  

The Midnight Library


Besides the plot, the book cover is an attention grabber. If you liked The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, then you will surely love this novel!   

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9 thoughts on “The Midnight Library: Book Review 

  1. Tyronica Smith says:

    A fellow blogger recommended I read this book and it now sits in my mobile library waiting to be read. This is the nudge I needed to crack it open.

    Awesome review!

  2. Zeba says:

    I held the book in my hand today and kept it. Should have bought it🥲


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