Among Thieves: Book Review

Today, we will be reviewing a high fantasy novel called Among Thieves by M.J. Kuhn. A crew of thieves, smugglers, and killers must pull of an impossible heist if they want to keep living. Find out what we thought of the novel and if you should also read it! 

Among Thieves Summary 

Ryia Cautella is infamous in the docks of Carrowwick and the blade used by Callum Clem, the leader of the Saints. He is ruthless and cunning which has helped him rule the docks. But recently, his crew has been getting pushed out of Carrowwick.  

While staking out the opposition. Ryia learns that a King wants a powerful tool that the Guildmaster owns. The tool is also tied to Ryia’s powers and her secret identity. Clem and his crew want to retrieve the tool and reap the rewards but Ryia has other plans. 

Among Thieves Book by M. J. Kuhn fantasy novel
Among Thieves book review

She has to outsmart her notorious leader as well as protect her friends. The Guildmaster is not someone to be trifled with considering he is in charge of the most powerful army of the world. Can Ryia pull of the impossible heist while being surrounded by enemies on all fronts? 


While reading the novel (or even reading the blurb) you will be reminded of the novel Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. The magic system is different there are a lot of similarities. I will say that Kuhn’s characters are well written and her writing leaves nothing to the imagination. 

This was a novel I had trouble putting down. The action is nonstop, the characters are fun, witty, and the banter feels authentic. It is hard not to get attached to some of the characters in the novel. There are some great plot twists and more than a few memorable villains. 

This is a fantasy world that I enjoyed diving into. The fact that this is an ongoing series makes me excited knowing that I will be seeing more of this world and the characters. If you wanted more stories like Six of Crows, then this is it. And it doesn’t deviate from the world it creates.  


I am glad that I came across this fantasy series. Among Thieves is brilliantly written and Kuhn is an exceptional author that is going to become well known in the coming years. Get a head start by picking up this novel and the second one is hitting the stores in a few months. Happy reading! 

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