What Books Will Make Former President Barack Obama’s Summer Reading List 2023?

Summer has arrived in the U.S and readers and news organizations are eagerly waiting for former President Barack Obama and his annual summer list. While it hasn’t been released yet, we will predict which books will make Barack Obama’s summer reading list for 2023.

Barack Obama's summer reading list 2022
Former President Barack Obama

While there is no real way to know what books Obama will pick, I do believe I have an idea of what books he wants to share with his fans. Ultimately, Obama wants to choose good books and that makes it a little easier. There is a lot of pressure when millions of people are waiting to read his list and news organizations wanting to break down his reading preferences.

Barack Obama’s Summer Reading List 2023

Books That May Make Barack Obama’s Summer List

Many of the books Obama chooses to tend to be powerful novels that resonate with him. And I don’t see how King: A Life by Jonathan Eig won’t make his list. It is one of the best biographies of the year and you can bet Obama has read it.

Another safe guess is The Covenant of Water by Abraham Verghese. Not only is it the best-selling novel of the year so far, it also made Oprah’s book club. I imagine that even Obama is a fan of Oprah and her book club. I do believe Yellowface will make his list because Obama includes fiction novels that are though provoking in his lists.


Obama’s annual summer list will be coming out any day now. But until then, this list is the next best thing. And even if some of these don’t make his list, there is a good chance that he has read many of them. Happy reading!

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