Surpassing Over a 1000 Posts

When I first created this blog in 2020, I did not ever imagine to have a 1000 or more posts live. I wanted to share my reviews of books and didn’t think ahead. Now, with over a 1000 posts, I wonder how the me fro 2020 would feel. This blog post is going to be a trip down memory lane and what I want to achieve going forward.

The Beginning

I made this blog on a whim. One of the reasons why I decided to make a blog about books was to review some of my favorite books. I wanted to recommend books I came across and enjoyed. Back then, I knew very little about running a blog.

I wrote a bunch for a couple of months and burned out. I forgot about the blog for a half a year. And then, I felt motivated to write again in 2021. So I wrote a bunch more reviews and after a a couple of months, burned out again.

In 2022, I decided to take my blog serious and posted almost everyday. Over the past couple of years, I learned a lot and decided to use my knowledge to make this blog successful. In the past, my blog got a few thousand views and I was happy with that. And while I was aiming to grow my blog slowly over time, something unexpected happened.

Taking My Blog Seriously

An article I posted got a lot of views. That was my cue to take my blog serious and I I decided that I won’t be taking any more breaks. From now on, this blog was going to be a main focus. And with each passing month, my views kept going up. I was excited about the future.

Books of Brilliance blog

In September 2022, I was writing a lot, trying to make sure I had a bunch of content out. This was also the month where I started envisioning being a blogger full time. I received over 80,000 views, the most in any month and it kept me motivated. The next month, I received over 230,000 views and could not believe it. I did not expect a big jump like that.

Since then, my blog has received views over 500,000 every month. I even cracked over 2.5 million last month. Having a lot of blog posts helps to steadily increase over time. But what is more important than that is making sure the posts are written with detail and care. I could easily use an A.I to create articles but I decided that wasn’t what I wanted for this blog.

The goal of this blog was to create book recommendations. Removing the human element from that makes it feel hollow and against everything I believed in when starting the blog. There are over 1000 articles and I have written over 950 of them. The remaining posts have been written bu guests. Haviing guests share their favorite books helps include books that I haven’t read.

The Future

This blog is over three years old and still going strong. I am happy to surpass a 1000 posts but this is just the beginning. I want to reach 2000, 5000, and 10,000 in the future. That means that I will be posting for years to come! If you are interested in writing a guest post, feel free to reach out. Happy Reading!

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