The Best Science Fiction Books of March 

Science fiction books are always a great read and we have you covered on the best science fiction books released in March 2023. Keep reading to find out which books made out list! 

The Best Science Fiction Books of March 

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The Best Science Fiction Books of March

There are hundreds of science fiction books that are released in a month. Sorting through all of them for the best read can be a difficult task. Luckily, we have the three books that stood out from the rest. You can see them as well as a summary of the book below! 

 Feed Them Silence by Lee Mandelo 

Blurb: What does it mean to “be-in-kind” with a nonhuman animal? Or in Dr. Sean Kell-Luddon’s case, to be in-kind with one of the last remaining wild wolves? Using a neurological interface to translate her animal subject’s perception through her own mind, Sean intends to chase both her scientific curiosity and her secret, lifelong desire to experience the intimacy and freedom of wolfishness. To see the world through animal eyes; smell the forest, thick with olfactory messages; even taste the blood and viscera of a fresh kill. And, above all, to feel the belonging of the pack. 

Sean’s tireless research gives her a chance to fulfill that dream, but pursuing it has a terrible cost. Her obsession with work endangers her fraying relationship with her wife. Her research methods threaten her mind and body. And the attention of her VC funders could destroy her subject, the beautiful wild wolf whose mental world she’s invading. 

Feed Them Silence

The Mimicking of Known Successes by Malka Older 

Blurb: On a remote, gas-wreathed outpost of a human colony on Jupiter, a man goes missing. The enigmatic Investigator Mossa follows his trail to Valdegeld, home to the colony’s erudite university—and Mossa’s former girlfriend, a scholar of Earth’s pre-collapse ecosystems. 

Pleiti has dedicated her research and her career to aiding the larger effort towards a possible return to Earth. When Mossa unexpectedly arrives and requests Pleiti’s assistance in her latest investigation, the two of them embark on a twisting path in which the future of life on Earth is at stake—and, perhaps, their futures, together. 

The Mimicking of Known Successes

Infinity Gate by M. R. Carey 

Blurb: The Pandominion: a political and trading alliance of a million worlds. Except that they’re really just one world, Earth, in many different realities. And when an A.I. threat arises that could destroy everything the Pandominion has built, they’ll eradicate it by whatever means necessary. 

Scientist Hadiz Tambuwal is looking for a solution to her own Earth’s environmental collapse when she stumbles across the secret of inter-dimensional travel, a secret that could save everyone on her dying planet. It leads her into the middle of a war on a scale she never dreamed of. And she needs to choose a side before every reality pays the price. 

Infinity Gate by M. R. Carey 


These are the best science fiction books of March in our opinion. Do you plan on reading any of them? Let us know in the comments below! 

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