I, Robot: Book Review

The novel starts off with the tale of Robbie, a companion robot. We see robots go from being used for companionship and not being able to talk to speaking like humans in a short amount of time. Asimov tells tales about human wit being used even though the robots are much smarter. Also, the robots are shown to be much better than humans because they are programmed to whereas humans aren’t shown the same love by Asimov. … Read More >I, Robot: Book Review

Book Review: Ender’s Game

The adults in the novel drive the children to extremes and force them to adapt to the school’s curriculum with little supervision. Ender tries to make friends and fit in but the adults believe that Ender needs to suffer to become the best commander possible. Their actions or lack of actions cause Ender to go into depression and feel isolated. Can Ender survive the battle school and I.F. or will they drive him insane? … Read More >Book Review: Ender’s Game

Book Review: Sleeping Giants

After learning more about the robot hand, questions arise. Is it alien technology or forgotten knowledge. When the robot hand accidentally shoots laser from its hand and destroys the building they are researching in, doubts creep in. Should the army be researching this weapon and how dangerous is it in the wrong hands. It is up to Rose to figure out what the robot is capable of and where it came from before its too late. … Read More >Book Review: Sleeping Giants