Why Colleen Hoover Has Been Dominating the Charts

Colleen Hoover has been landing multiple books on every chart that tracks book sales. Her books have seen a surge in popularity recently and have made her one of the best selling authors of the year. How did Colleen Hoover come to dominate the charts?

Colleen Hoover is Dominating the Charts

Nobody has been able to chart books like Colleen Hoover has this year. Normally, a books will have success on the charts and then slowly fade away. Some books do break the pattern but never have multiple books from the same author do so well for a long time. Hoover charted 15 books in a single week and currently has four books in the most sold books list on USA TODAY’s Best-Selling List. And she has another book on the way titled It Begins with Us on October 18.

How has Colleen Hoover been able to sell books at a high rate from week to week? To answer that question, we have to discuss who Colleen Hoover is and how she started writing. 

It Ends With Us best selling list
It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover

Hoover lives in a small town in east Texas and worked as a social worker and a counselor at WIC. When she was at WIC, Hoover decided to pursue a writing career. She borrowed a laptop from her mother and would write her when not working. In 2012, she completed her novel and gave it to her mom as a Christmas present. After that, Hoover self-published her novel in and it made it to USA TODAT’s Best-Selling Books list.

Now, Hoover has released a total of 22 books and short stories and that is no surprise considering she wrote her first novel while having a full-time job. While she did have success and have many best-sellers, she saw a surge in popularity because of Tik Tok. Specifically, the booktok community shared her books and that drove many people towards her books. 

There are hundreds of amazing authors out there and unfortunately, you won’t discover most of them. Hoover is one of those talents that Tik Tok shined a light on and had led to her dominating the charts as a result. Other books have also seen a rise in popularity because of Tik Tok but it is never an author’s whole catalog. That says something about Hoover’s writing and why so many readers have gravitated towards it. 

It is great to acknowledge what led to her massive success but it should not overlook Hoover’s determination and writing ability. She has written almost two books a year since 2012. That alone is an amazing accomplishment considering how many authors run into writer’s block. Some of the inspiration for Hoover has been her personal experience and the authenticity helps her write amazing books. 

Colleen Hoover is the author of the year for 2022 and she still has a book on the way. It will be interesting to see just how much total books she sells when the year is over. 

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