Colleen Hoover Charts 15 Books on the Best Selling List

Colleen Hoover is one of the best-selling authors and that stands true for this week as Colleen Hoover charts 15 books on the best selling list on USA Today’s Best Selling list.

Unfortunately for Hoover, she was unable to top the charts because of a novel that has been dominating the charts for the past three years. Delia Owen’s Where the Crawdads Sing was the best-selling book for the fifth straight were and has spent a total of 204 weeks on the list.

But when it comes to being the best-selling author, Hoover is miles ahead of everyone else. Just to make it on the list is difficult and even more difficult to remain on the list weeks and months after your book was released. There are thousands of books released each season and somehow Hoover has still been able to land most of her catalog on the chart.

It Ends With Us best selling list
It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover Charts 15 Books on the Best Selling List

  1. It Ends With Us at No. 2
  2. Verity at No. 3
  3. Ugly Love at No. 4
  4. Reminders of Him at No. 6
  5. November 9,” at No. 9
  6. All Your Perfects at No. 21
  7. Maybe Someday at No. 23
  8. Confess at No. 24
  9. Regretting You at No. 60
  10. Hopeless at No. 77
  11. Heart Bones at No. 85
  12. Layla at No. 95
  13. Without Merit at No. 115
  14. Maybe Not at No. 145
  15. Losing Hope at No. 147

An Amazing Feat

Hoover has 22 books and novellas published and the fact that 15 of those novels are on the charts in impressive. A big part of her success can be attributed to the rise of Tik Tok. No matter what you think of it, the fact is that it has helped books thrive. Various books have seen sales skyrocket as a result.

Mostly individual books have benefited and that may have been true for Hoover at first. Her novel It Ends With Us grew in popularity in 2020 as a result. But it didn’t stop there as Hoover’s other novels also saw a boom in sales. She is the only one (that I know of) that saw her whole catalog benefit and not just one novel.

My guess is that people who read It Ends with Us loved her writing and wanted to read more of her work. The other thing that benefits Hoover is that a lot of authors don’t have a catalog of over 20 books. Some authors take years to write a novel but not Hoover. 

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Another Book to Top the Charts?

Summer is a slow season for new books which benefits Hoover’s older novels. But in the upcoming weeks, there will be a ton of new books that will be hitting the shelves. That may or may not hurt Hoover but she may be able to add one more book to the charts.

In the Fall, Hoover will be releasing the sequel to It Ends With Us, It Starts With Us that will tell Atlas’s side of the story. That will probably top the charts because it is the sequel to Hoover’s bests-selling book. Only time will tell what will happen!

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