The Rings of Power Episode 7 Trailer Shows Aftermath of Eruption and a Dragon??

Spoilers ahead so if you haven’t seen Episode 6 of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power and don’t want any spoilers, than stop reading here. Otherwise, carry on.

In Episode 6 of The Rings of Power, Galadriel saves the day as she and the Númenorian army arrives just at the nick of time. Bur Adar is no fool and planned ahead and was able to make Mount Doom erupt by using the key and a loyal servant. The Episode ended with Mount Doom erupting and Galadriel standing as the destruction consumed her and the Númenorians.

The Rings of Power Episode 7 Trailer

The episode trailer for episode 7 has released and shows what is going to happen after the eruption of Mount Doom. The trailer starts off by showing the harfoots arriving to their destination, wherever that is. And then the ground starts to shake. That may be due to the eruption of Mount Doom and a confirmation that the events are taking place at the same time. Or not. The trailer went on to show the feet of a flying creature. Most likely, it may be dragon. That is one way to keep the momentum of episode 6 going.

The Rings of Power episode 7 trailer

The scene then cuts to the Dwarves digging mithril as King Durin ominously says “We do not dig in Earth that cannot support it, delving into depths beyond the darkness. Their time has come.” Who is this “they” that Durin is speaking about? Do the Dwarves have slaves? More likely I imagine they have some kind of dark creatures that can dig much better.

The Aftermath of Mount Doom Erupting

We finally get to see a shot of Galadriel and the aftermath of the eruption of Mount Doom. Everything around her is in fire and the scene is all red. What happened to the Númenorian army and the orcs as well as Adar? I expect Adar and the orcs to escape because they are the main villains of season one. Without them, who is the bad guy? Sauron has not come out of the shadows and we only hear his name, never actually see him.

The rings of power episode 6
Adar and the orcs attacks the humans

While that scene looks devastating, I do not think any major characters will be dead as a result. This event should lead to Sauron coming out of hiding. Or more likely, making his move from the shadows. We know he is watching or even partaking in the events on Middle-earth. My guess is still that Halbrand is Sauron. Too many of his backstories are left unfinished and that may be intentional. Adar did say that he killed Sauron and Halbrand was angry with Adar.


Episode 7 is less than seven days away and the fact that we may get to see dragons is a great follow up to the epic war in the previous episode. With only two episodes left, expect some big revelations to be revealed!

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7 thoughts on “The Rings of Power Episode 7 Trailer Shows Aftermath of Eruption and a Dragon??

  1. Danny Watts says:

    I’m of the same mind on who is Sauron. Halbrand did just admit he is the king they have been waiting for.

    1. Ahaqir says:

      From that trailer, it seemed to be outside and most likely a dragon. The problem is that the trailers don’t seem to be specifically about the episode it mentions as the scene with sauron never happened in the episode

      1. I-am-stan-ze-man says:

        And balrogs can go outside. The one in the lord of the Rings went onto the mountaintop to fight with Gandalf. And smaug looked nothing like that thing.

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