The Witcher Book Order Guide

The Witcher books are one of the best fantasy genre novels of all time. But there’s an obvious problem with the order of the books. I have made The Witcher book order guide so you can read the books in the right order and see for yourself why The Witcher has gained popularity in recent years.

The Witcher Book Order

The fact that you are here means that you’ve come across the Witcher through the popular Netflix show, the epic games, or your curiosity got the best of you.

First of all, welcome to the Witcher world written by Andrzej Sapkowski. I will help you read the books in the right order so you aren’t left wondering if you missed a big scene or not.

Book Order

  1. Book One: The Last Wish
  2. Book Two: Sword of Destiny
  3. Book Three: Blood of Elves
  4. Book Four: The Time of Contempt
  5. Book Five: Baptism of Fire
  6. Book Six: The Tower of Swallows
  7. Book Seven: The Lady of the Lake
  8. Bonus: Season of Storms

Now that you have the right order, continue reading to find out a brief summary of each book and what to expect. There will be no spoilers, just a light overall short summary.

The Last Wish

In The Last Wish, we are introduced to the central characters in the novel. The novel is broken into short stories Geralt of Rivia, the Witcher, the mages, the Elves, and the monsters that occupy the world Geralt lives in. This novel is important because it lets you understand Geralt and how the world he lives in functions.

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The Last Wish: Book Review

The book focuses on The Witcher Geralt traveling around towns hunting monsters and getting involved with destiny.

Sword of Destiny

In Sword of Destiny, we are given more short stories. These ones however, revolve around Geralt and his lover/ex-lover Yennifer. She is a mage and we learn about her drive and what she is willing to do to achieve it.

In this novel, we are also given the first meeting between Geralkt and Cirilla, the girl that becomes a central figure to the plot of the main novels. The title is named after that short story and the significance that it plays for the upcoming events.

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Book Review: Sword of Destiny

The short stories start off with Geralt of Rivia being dragged into hunting a dragon even though it is against the Witcher’s code. What follows is a story about love and heartbreak. This is the most…

Blood of Elves

The main storyline kicks off in this novel. A year before the events take place in the beginning of this novel, the Empire of Nilfgaard attacks the Kingdom of Cintra. Cintra is burned to the ground but Ciri escapes.

Geralt takes her in and protects her as well as trains her. She is taken to the Witcher’s keep, Kaer Morhen. it is here where Ciri not only learns how to fight but learns how to use magic.

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Blood of Elves: Book Summary

I am currently diving into the world of the Witcher series on Netflix and thus will be reviewing all the books in the series. Blood of Elves by Andrzej Sapkowski is the first installment of the series…

The Time of Contempt

In The Time of Contempt, the mages play a big role in the war. Geralt, Yennifer, and Ciri get caught in a power struggle that reveals who is on which side. Nilfgaard pulls a fast one and suddenly become a serious threat instead of just a country that can be ignored.

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The Time of Contempt: Book Review

Geralt the Witcher is reunited with his child of destiny Ciri and his on and off lover Yennifer. They prepare for the war to come.

Baptism of Fire

Geralt recovers from his battle in the last book in the Brokilon Forest. He along with some new companions, makes way to Nilfgaard in search of Ciri.

Traveling and living the life of a rogue, Ciri finds new friends and finally fights back agains Nilfgaard. She sheds blood and likes the feeling of being the hunter instead of the hunted.

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Book Review: Baptism of Fire

Geralt of Rivia has been recovering in the forest of Brokolin while the world around him is at war. Nilfgard took the initiative and is winning the war so far. And they supposedly have Ciri. Geralt decides…

The Tower of Swallows

Ciri decides to part ways with the Rats but runs back to them to warn them of a bounty hunter that is after them. She is caught and taken as a prisoner. Geralt seeks out a group of druids that can help him locate Ciri. But he is told to be patient as what is predestined to happen will happen. Yennifer uses her connections to locate Vilgefortz and stop him from capturing Ciri.

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Book Review: The Tower of Swallows

We also follow Geralt of Rivia and crew in their search for Ciri. They keep searching for Ciri but get caught up in their own adventures and they end up in the middle of the battle. Geralt is starting to let others in and trust them and…

The Lady of the Lake

Geralt and friends are relaxing at the  duchy of Toussaint as they are under a spell. After some time, Geralt makes his way to a castle to save Yennifer.

Ciri is trapped in another world and held hostage until she can produce a child. With some unlikely help, Ciri escapes and is pursued. The final battle will deicide the fate of the future and of our three protagonist.

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Book Review: The Lady of the Lake

We meet with Ciri as she has traveled to another world. We are taken to the aftermath of the events and are left figuring out what happened. That is even more true when the story is being…

Season of Storms

Set years after the events of The Witcher Sage, Geralt finds himself in a battle against a monster that only lives to kill. Shortly afterwards, Geralt’s two swords are stolen after he is arrested. As he searches for his swords, Geralt and Dandelion get caught into a big mess that Geralt has to clean up.

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And with that, You have The Witcher book order guide to use to keep you on track. The year the novels were published and out of order and should not be used as the order or you will miss out on a lot of crucial details. All the books should take you about a month or even less if you can’t put the books down. A great series that I think are rightfully getting their turn in the spotlight.

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