Book Review: The Lady of the Lake

We finally made it to the last book in the Witcher series. Everything that has taken place so far leads to this novel and we will get to see whether The Lady of the Lake by Andrzej Sapkowski lives up to the hype.

We meet with Ciri as she has traveled to another world. We are taken to the aftermath of the events and are left figuring out what happened. That is even more true when the story is being told by Condwiramurs and Nimue. They are trying to figure out what is myth and what is actually true in the story of Ciri and Geralt. Like that characters, we slowly learn what happened even though we see the results after the events that took place with Ciri and Geralt.

Condwiramurs has the ability to dream about events in the past if she sees a painting of that person or place. We travel back as Condwiramurs slowly learns what actually happened in the past. Geralt and his crew are stuck at a castle and Geralt falls for the sorceress in the castle Fringilla Vigo. Ciri is held captive by elves that won’t let her leave until she gives them what they want. Jennifer is held prisoner by Vilgefortz in his castle and both Ciri and Geralt head towards her to save her.

Finally reading the last book of the Witcher series was great. The direction the book went towards is original and keeps you guessing. Sapkowski keeps the writing fresh and you can’t help but enjoy the way the book turned out.

I recommend this book and the Witcher series. It is an amazing book with story building that rivals the Lord of the Rings. We are lucky the show was made into a Netflix show because it has gotten a lot of attention because of it. We don’t know how the show will turn out but the books are amazing!

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