Book Review: Blood of Elves

I am currently diving into the world of the Witcher series and thus will be reviewing all the books in the series. Blood of Elves by Andrzej Sapkowski is the first installment of the series even though it is the third book.

In Blood of Elves, Sapkowski does an amazing job summarizing what has happened in a song by Dandelion, a renowned poet. The song itself is exaggerated as most tales told by poets and we see an argument break out over what has happened. It is two years after the last war and another war seems to be in the horizon.

We get to follow Geralt and Ciri in this novel. Geralt is teaching Ciri about the world but she also has her foundation that will determine who she will become later in the series. Ciri learns about magic and learns how to fight like a Witcher. We don’t get to see her fight much but expect to later in the series.

The buildup in this novel is interesting but it lacks a lot of action. It seems to be a prologue of what’s to come and merely that. There are small battles and a lot of prophesies as usual. I did enjoy the book and the build up for what is to come.

Just from this novel, I can tell that a lot of stuff is being set up not just for the big battle but what role the Elves will play. Geralt is sympathetic towards them and their struggle and does not want to kill them just because some of them are attacking humans. Their existence seems to always hang in the air and expect them to play a big role considering the big reveal in the book.

Building a complicated world like the Witcher is hard and as we see in this book, convoluted. However, it is amazing the job Sapkowski does and I recommend it because of the intricate details he has in this book and in his ever-growing world.

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