Revisiting Your Childhood Favorite Books

If you’ve been nostalgic for your childhood books, you’re not the only one. More and more people have been going up in the attic and pulling down their childhood favorites or searching online for replacements. As such, we have a list to check out so you can take a trip down memory lane.

Childhood Books

The Babysitter’s Club

Kristy's Great Idea The Babysitter's Club by Ann M. Martin
Kristy’s Great Idea The Babysitter’s Club by Ann M. Martin

The original series is worth a revisit. It’s been a childhood favorite for years! It’s quirky and fun and tells the story of friendship lasting through any situation, whether moving away, families going broke, diabetes, or racial issues. The original series has one hundred and thirty-one books, but remember that the author has several connected series, including their mystery and the little sister series.


Remember being small and throwing yourself under the blanket because you thought Slappy, the dummy, would get you? Or reading about the headless ghost? If you don’t, now is a great time to return to it. Like the BSB, this is an author who has several connected series as well, including the Give Yourself Goosebumps.

These are fan favorites after the original series because you can choose what happens to your character. Some famous examples include Don’t Feed The Vampire and Trapped In Bat Wing Hall.

Encyclopedia Brown

Encyclopedia Brown by Donald J. Sobol

These were a staple in everyone’s book collection. If you could solve the mystery before you had to turn to the back of the book, you could claim to be the smartest. This series has twenty-nine books that take you on crimes in a cop car, helping children in the neighborhood, and ensuring that Encyclopedia’s friends are not falsely accused.


Bunnicula is the tale of three pets. A dog, cat, and bunny who the cat and dog are convinced is a vampire. It’s a cute series, but we’d caution you not to give your dog chocolate like the book says you can. Only the dogs in stories can digest it. However, follow Chester and Harold as they uncover all of Bunnicula’s secrets through this book series and see the crazy adventures they get up to!

The Mouse and The Motorcycle

Ralph is a mouse who lives in a run-down inn. He longs for a better life and can’t stand being around his relatives. One day, a boy leaves a toy motorcycle behind, and it becomes Ralph’s way of escaping his mundane life. It also shows the friendship between him and the boy who left the toy behind. It’s a sweet series that will bring back memories!


Matilda is super bright, and her family is…not. She loves to read and slowly learns to stand up to her family and build a new one. She also learns to find herself and realizes that each person is unique. It’s worth a re-read. While you’re at it, you should re-read other Roald Dahl classics too!

Dear America

The Dear America series is a set of historical fiction books. They are based on periods such as the Gold Rush, World War 1, the Great Depression, etc. These books have been a childhood favorite for an entire generation of young readers. Each book is told from the perspective of someone going through that particular period. There was a relaunch where the pictures were changed, and the style differed.

In the original series, there were thirty-six books. There is also a connected series called The Royal Diaries, which is also recommended. They are a great way to feel like you’re inside a time machine and genuinely feel for the people as you do in the originals.

Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Get your tissues out for this one. It’s a story of racism and a family struggling to survive when everything around them threatens their existence. Each family character is strong and kind, though horrid people surround them. It’s a book that will open your eyes to the world.

Revisiting Old Books Can Still Teach You Something

Revisiting old books you read when you were younger can still teach you and your family something. We hope our list inspires you to break some of these out and see how it affects you now.

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