New Books to Check Out This Week

There are some new books that are making waves. You may recognize a few names and come across new authors that may become your favorite. Keep reading o find out which new books to check out this week!

From actress Kerry Washington to books about the Roman Empire, there is something for everyone. These books have readers heading to the bookstore and getting copy. You can see the full list below!

New Books to Check Out

Thicker Than Water

Kerry Washingtons's memoir Thicker Than Water Book
Thicker Than Water by Kerry Washington

Fans of Kerry Washington get a first-hand glimpse into the life of the actress with her first memoir. Thicker Than Water showcases Washington’s life as she talks about her experiences as an actor, director, mother, daughter, and activist as well as trauma she has dealt with in her life.

Land of Milk of Honey

You may think of another novel when you see the title of C Pam Zhang’s novel Land of Milk of Honey. But Zhang’s novel may carve a place itself as the novel is definitely worth reading. An unnamed protagonist is trying to survive as a chef but all the ingredients are canned products.

But when she takes a job at a mountaintop colony where the people live free of the effects of climate change, she can cook with fresh ingredients. But she learns that her unseen investors have a hidden purpose that was unbeknownst to her.


These are the new books that you should read this week. Whether you prefer memoirs or a novel, you will be satisfied. Happy reading!

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