Heather Miller Talks About Her Latest Story Lost Luna

The world of fantasy is a vast spectrum full of so many creatures and worlds that I often found myself lost between vampires, werewolves, witches and elves. But I love it! I love a book where you can think outside the box, and find writers so remarkable to be able to think of so much! 

I think all writers start out as readers, and having been on Wattpad half of my life, I think it has shaped most of my reading habits. I read all the genres!

From the Twilight obsession I had as a teen, to the books scattered across the web today, it’s never-ending. But even at twelve I would write stories, poems or songs. I decided to start writing properly when I was around fourteen. Inspired by so many movies and books of all kinds, I wrote what I felt fit in with that time.

However, looking back, as fun as it was, it did not make my voice, my world, stand out. Later, I became a mum and stopped writing… but still couldn’t scratch the reading itch. Have you ever had that? Where you can’t find a book to satisfy you? Ugh, same. So, why not write it, right?

Lost Luna came from a dark part of my mind, and flourished into something I am proud to call my creation. As proud as I am of my two sons, this book series is up there; just don’t tell my kids… Or my dog…

After going through a rough time, I fell somewhere where everything seemed wrong, and that’s when I began to write a world I wished for. Characters and places all slowly came to life. It was strangely rhythmic, something I couldn’t help dancing to.

From the comfort of friendships I wish I had, to the loving touch of having two parents, Lost Luna was a safe place for me to go. A world where the man doesn’t fall at your feet because he is meant to! It was a gentle love, one that makes your toes curl because it’s so frustrating and yet so sweet. It’s definitely a slow burn, because boyyyy, it’s a long book!

It ended up not being a series of romantic love, but more the kind of love you search for in life. One that makes you warm because people are there for you. I think everyone at some point in their life has felt that they don’t fit in and are scared for the future. Nova, my main character, suffers from this majorly. An anxious shell, mistreated through her life, she often finds it hard to belong.

I wrote Lost Luna because I had found books always are the same thing. Soulmates meet and fall in love, and there’s probably a fight. I didn’t want it to be that easy, after what I had gone through, I knew it couldn’t be that easy. Despite being a fantasy world, I included pieces of reality that I felt could fit, like Nova’s nerves, or Phoenix’s apathetic nature. But all characters have reasons, and I wanted to create such complex creatures that it’s never the end of their personality. There’s always something more.

At first, it was just for fun, making this world I thought nobody else would, and then it started getting reads, and it went from five hundred to a thousand, then suddenly one million in six weeks. How? Beats me!

It was just a shock. Pure shock. To have that many reads and people read my work in progress was flabbergasting. So, I kept writing, and writing, and putting out chapter after chapter until, guess what? I burnt out. I realised the greed of reads wasn’t enough for my mental health and wellbeing at home, so I cut back the writing requirements. I think this helped me write more fluidly and gave me a chance to think about my story and plot, because chapters came out longer, and healthier. Can a chapter be healthy? It must be, because within five months, I had over ten million hits.

And from there, came the rest of the Lost Luna series.

Bio: I write books to fill a hole in my mind, and you can often find me nose-deep in a fantasy or apocalyptic novel. If I’m not there, I’m writing, and guess what? If I’m not writing, I’m being a mum. In a world where everybody is lost and confused, I hope to bring humbling comfort to so many readers all across the world.

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