Stephenie Meyer Announces Two New Twilight Books

If you are a fan of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series, then you are in for some good news. She has recently stated that she is working on two more books that will be a part of the Twilight series.  

Meyer Announces Two New Twilight Books

The author said that she has already started to work on them. She didn’t give much details about the book themselves or if Edward and Bella would be making a return. 

“I have got them outlined and a chapter written I think of the first one, so I know it’s there. I am not ready to do that right now, I want to do something brand new,” Meyer said. “For me, a lot of the joy of writing comes from creating and I really want to do a new world and new rules and new mythology. Mythology is kind of my thing.” 

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Stephenie Meyer Announces Two New Twilight Books

No Sequel for Midnight Sun

Fans of the novel wanted more after Meyer released Midnight Sun, a novel that focused on the perspective of Edward Cullen. But that doesn’t seem to be the direction that the author plans on going.  

“This is it for Edward. Writing from his point of view makes me extra anxious. And the experience of writing this book was not a super pleasant one,” Meyer said in an interview with the New York Times. “I think this gives you enough of a sense of what it’s like to be Edward that you could go and look at the other books and you would know what’s going on in his head.” 


The Twilight series by Meyer has been one of the best-selling series of all time. With two more books, expect it to reach new heights. While it won’t dethrone Harry Potter, it will be closer than it was ever before. And who knows, fans of the series may get more movies to go along with the new books.  

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7 thoughts on “Stephenie Meyer Announces Two New Twilight Books

  1. Mark says:

    Meyers is the trash food of fiction. She puts the pulp in pulp fiction. I have read most of her books as my kids were reading them and I wanted to check them for being appropriate. They are not suitable for anyone to read. To call them trash is to denigrate trash.

    1. Anonymous says:

      you are the trash of the world. you are everything wrong with society. you are so smelly. twilight doesn’t deserve your criticism. it is beauty and you are the beast. you are more than just trash- you are toxic. please bring your negative energy somewhere else, feces.

      1. Twilightsucks69 says:

        Big brain energy right here

  2. John Saltz O'Huigin says:

    It’s been a long time since the Manson forums…when all this began. As such. Since Renesmee is all grown up, and most of the cast is still young enough. I’d say the Volturi hunting her would make a good trilogy.

  3. aly says:

    i have never read a chapter book but im a little disappointed that this was the first chapter book i read because now i know theirs no hope for the others lol i loved them sooo much i feel bad for all the other teen books because theirs no competition compared to this there soo good i love them also i would love if you/she could make a Edwards p.o.v in eclipse and breaking dawn i love them soo much (BTW this was not a insult is was very much of a complement)


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