What are the Best Audiobook Apps for Listening?

Are in search of discovering some of the best audiobook apps?

Well, your search ends here!Listening to the words of beautiful prose not only adds feelings and emotions to the story, but the way it is articulated is bound to make this experience unforgettable. And you don’t need to look here and there. Just take a peek into your childhood memories.

Your father sitting beside you, reading a bedtime story, making funny sounds, and speaking in different tones to add drama to the entire scenario. It does ring a bell! And you wish to preserve that magical appeal forever in your mind and heart. We all know we live in a time-challenged digital world where the sands of time are running ahead of fate. Convenience and peace of mind are everything; for this very reason, we are willing to pay a reasonable price for that extra comfort.

The question is, are you ready to embrace the concept of audiobooks?

They have become popular for book lovers who want to enjoy their favorite stories on the go. And with the rise of smartphones and digital platforms, apps have made it easier to listen to captivating narratives while commuting, exercising, travelling, meditating, or relaxing on a hammock.


Because a good audiobook artist makes all the difference between an audiobook being a bestseller or losing its way down the rabbit hole.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the best audiobook apps and services, ensuring you have an immersive and enjoyable experience. However, before scooping trending audiobook apps, why don’t we look at some of the latest statistics and trends?

What Does the Statistics Say About Audiobooks?

●   Publisher Weekly states, “The APA’s latest survey reveals that 57% of audiobook listeners are between 18 and 44.”

●   According to Wordrated, “Revenue from audiobooks is expected to grow 26.4% every year from 2022 to 2030 and reach $35.05 billion in 2030.” In addition, “Over 74,000 audiobooks were published in the US in 2022.”

●   Beyond Word conclude, “Digital audio listening experiences have a stronger impact on the brain than radio listening experiences: +25% emotional intensity, +28% detail memory, +25% global memory, and +23% engagement.”

We considered several important factors to compile our list of the best audiobook listening apps. These include user-friendly interfaces, expansive audiobook libraries, reasonable pricing structures, offline listening capabilities, and customization options. By evaluating these criteria, we have identified the apps that stand out from the rest and deliver exceptional user experiences.

Best Audiobook Apps for Listening

1.  Audible

If anything is, Amazon is popular after Amazon Prime; it’s Audible -– one of the leading trendsetters in popularizing digital audiobooks. It has the biggest library of audiobooks, such as classics, fiction, non-fiction, technology, politics, fashion, health & wellness, and romance.

You can either download the app on iOS and Android devices or on Kindle, Echo, Tap, and even Echo Dot. In addition, the app offers a handy widget for your smartphone. You can quickly and easily return to what you listened to in the last with simple access from the home screen. You can also listen offline by downloading, rather than streaming, titles.

While the Audible app is free, you need a membership plan to listen to content. It gets you access to podcasts, some meditation programs, and a selection of free titles. In addition, you can choose to purchase additional content. Amazon Prime members get free two titles with an Audible Premium Plus trial.


Even though the library of this cloud-based platform is not as extensive as Audible, it still has an impressive catalogue of 175,000+ premium titles. Its different genres include bestseller fiction & non-fiction, business & economics, classic literature, award-winning drama & comedy, mystery, thriller & horror, foreign language titles, and much more.

It is also available for iOS and Android mobile devices, where you can live-stream audiobooks or download them for offline listening. The membership gives you access to curated audio news, magazines, audio summaries, and sleep and meditation content in the apps.

Comparison and Analysis

When comparing these top audiobook apps, Audible stands out for its vast library, offline listening capabilities, and, more importantly, due expanded distribution footprint of Amazon. Audiobooks.com excels in its user-friendly design and personalized recommendations. It’s also a solid player in the podcast marketplace, offering its members unlimited access to over 100+ million podcast episodes.

Audible appeals to budget-conscious listeners with its affordability and unique bookmarking feature. Each app has its own strengths and weaknesses, so choosing the right one depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Additional Features and Recommendations

In addition to the featured apps we mentioned above, a few noteworthy mentions are available in the market. NOOK is an Android-based e-reader platform developed by Barnes & Noble. Download the Nook app and instantly explore over 75,000 free eBooks and more than 10,000 audiobooks. For premium content, you must sign up for the paid “B&N Audiobooks” service. After downloading the audiobook of your choice, it will sync to your NOOK app, and you can start listening via the in-app player immediately. If you have a standalone NOOK device, the app and your e-reader will stay synced as you listen. It is CarPlay-compatible and offers bookmarking abilities.

AudiobookHub is an excellent choice for those seeking a wide selection of free audiobooks. Kids Listen offers a delightful and safe listening experience for children’s audiobooks with its curated collection. And, if you’re a fan of non-fiction and educational content, Academic Audio provides a vast catalogue of informative audiobooks.

Play. Pause. Stop.

Selecting the best audiobook app is crucial for an immersive and enjoyable listening experience. The best apps we’ve discussed—Audible, Audiobook.com, and others—offer unique features and extensive libraries catering to different preferences. Audiobooks.com’s patent-pending syncing technology means you can start a book on your smartphone, read it on your laptop, and then read it at home on a tablet. We particularly like the app’s customizable sleep timer for bedtime reading.

In Conclusion

As more people access the internet, particularly listeners, will use it for entertainment because of its convenience. Other forms of entertainment, such as theatrical plays and sporting events, also compete for consumers’ time. Mobile device applications that automatically read any on-screen text compete directly with audiobook publishers.

Enter the dominion of audiobooks and get your piece of literature transformed into a digital publication and made available in any of the best audiobook apps. If this is the case Interested? Contact AMZ Book Publishing and give your masterpiece a standing ovation. Get in touch today!

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