Mickey7 Series Book Order and Guide

The sci-fi book series Mickey7 by Edward Ashford have been a big hit. That has led to the first book in the series to be adapted into a movie and a sequel has already hit the stores. Keep reading to find out the Mickey7 series book order and guide so you know where to start!

Released in 2022, Mickey7 garnered a lot of buzz and ended up getting a movie adaptation that is in the works. It is going to be called Mickey17 and that is going to change a few things from the novel. But the movie isn’t our focus today. We will be looking at the two novels that have been released so far as well as what is yet to come.

Mickey7 Series Book Order

Mickey7 Summary

Mickey7: A Novel by Edward Ashton

Mickey (Known as Mickey7) is a human that has signed up to colonize the ice-world Niflheim in a one-way trip. To secure passage to the planet, he signed up to be an expandable, someone who is cloned and used in dangerous situations. Their memory is backed up onto a computer constantly to ensure the new iterations have all of the memories as the previous ones. 

But during a routine scouting mission, Mikey7 falls into a hole and is assumed to be dead. That leads to another clone of Mikey being made, Mikey8. But Mikey7 survives the fall and makes his way home to the base. He finds the other Mikey and they argue about who gets to live. 

Coming to a truce, they decide to keep it a secret that there are two Mikey’s since it is taboo. The duo tries to coexist in a small area while having to share reduced rations during a famine. It is up to Mikey7 to fix the situation at hand while also trying to understand the threat that is out there killing the inhabitants of the base. 

Antimatter Blues Summary

Antimatter Blues by Edward Ashton Mickey7 sequel
Antimatter Blues

Mickey Barnes has retired as an expendable and has been living a normal life on Nilfheim. But when Mickey sees a clone of him, he gets suspicious. After digging around Mickey learns that the antimatter that fuels the colony is running low and if they don’t get more fuel, the colony won’t survive the upcoming winter.

Commander Marshall wants Mickey to retrieve the antimatter bomb that the creepers are allegedly holding onto. Mickey hid it as a source of leverage so Marshall wouldn’t kill Mickey. But now, Mickey has to decide to return the antimatter bomb but it isn’t where he left it two years ago. Mickey has to find out who has the antimatter bomb and risk his life to retrieve it or it will be the end of Niflheim.

Third Book in the Series?

In an interview, Ashton said that he does have the plot of the third novel down. But that the third novel will only happen if there is a demand for it. He leaves the endings with opening for a followup novel if his novel does well and he can write another one. But he also doesn’t want to cheat his readers if he doesn’t end up releasing another book.

“If I write a book intending for it to be the first in a trilogy, and then that book doesn’t sell, nobody is going to publish the second book, let alone the third,” said Ashford. “That’s why I’ve taken the approach I described above, where I leave openings at the ends of my books, but at the same time write them so that if there is never another entry in that particular universe nobody is going to feel that they’ve been cheated.”


With two great books already published and a movie on the way, it is safe to say these novels have been a hit. That is why I expect another book in the series and I can see a dozen books in this series when it is all said and done. And we will be reading all of them and reviewing them. Happy reading!

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