USA Today’s Weekly Bestseller Booklist Returns After Months of Being Offline

USA Today’s weekly list of bestselling books makes its returns after months long hiatus.

USA Today’s Weekly Bestseller List Returns

It has been offline since December and has finally returned on Wednesday to resume its weekly schedule. The list was stopped after Mary Cadden, the compiler of the list, was laid off along with hundreds of other workers at Gannett.

A big reason for that list coming to a halt was because Cadden entered the sales figures manually. Now, the same system has been automated and will be managed by Barcara VanDerburgh, the paper’s book editor.

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USA Today’s bestselling books list returns after months long hiatus

“We couldn’t be more thrilled because this content is important to our vast audience and uniquely supports the communities we serve,” said Kristin Roberts, Gannett Media’s chief content officer.

A Catagorized List

What separates USA Today’s weekly list from other popular lists that it is catagorized. Readers can see different columns for hardcovers, paperbacks, audio books and e-books. They are not categorized by genres or release dates.

As USA Today returns to its old format, they will also be incorporating a new feature. Stories on independent sellers from all over the country as well as recommendations from private book owners will be shared by USA Today.

The American Booksellers Association

The American Booksellers Association Is partnering with USA Today to restore the weekly list. The ABA is the trade group for independent stores and their website, an online retailer, shares revenue with independent sellers.

“ABA is excited about this partnership with USA Today and the opportunity to spread the word about the value of independent bookstores to communities and to readers,” said Allison K. Hill, CEO of the booksellers association.

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