Books I Read in May 2023 

The month of May has come and gone and now is a great time to look back and see what I read in the past month. This month was my most productive yet and I got closer to my reading goal as a result. Keep reading to find out what books I read in May 2023. 

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Books I Read in May 

Books I Read in May 

Interview with a Vampire 

Interview with a Vampire book Anne Rice
Interview with a Vampire book review

When May came around, I was reading Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice. It is an interesting story about a vampire who recalls the past two centuries of his life since he became a Vampire. The novel is very philosophical and has some slow moments.  

While I was going to San Francisco, I ended up reading more than half the novel on the flight and was able to start my vacation with a strong start. After that, I didn’t read for a couple of days, busy exploring the city. But then I remembered Mickey7 and began reading it. 


Mickey7: A Novel by Edward Ashton
Mickey7 book review

As you may already know, I love a great sci-fi novel. This novel took me two days to finish and I didn’t want to stop reading it but also didn’t want to spend most of my vacation at a hotel reading away. In less than a week, I had finished two novels.  

Rhythm of War 

On my returning flight, I decided to finally get around to reading the fourth Stomrlight Archive book, Rhythm of War novel by Brandon Sanderson. With over 1200 pages, I knew it was going to be a lot to read which is why I decided to read when I was at the airport and airplane. I spent almost 8 hours reading that day and still wasn’t halfway through reading the novel. 

The Hound of the Baskervilles 

But once I get started on a novel that I enjoy, I cannot stop reading. In the next four days, I was able to finish the novel which was about 12 more hours of reading. Now I was out of books to read. Then I remembered that I always wanted to get around to reading Sherlock Holmes which is what I did.  


Among Thieves Book by M. J. Kuhn fantasy novel
Among Thieves book review

Lastly, I ended up coming across the Thieves series by M.J. Kuhn and the book blurb got me interested. And I am glad I gave the series a chance because I fell in love with it. Among Thieves was a fun adventure novel about a group of thieves that had to steal something very valuable from an impenetrable place. Yes, the plot isn’t the most original but Kuhn’s writing, characters, and world building make her novels a must read. 


Reading 7 novels in the past month made it feel productive. I came across interesting novels and was able to make time for them. With a total of 20 books read so far this year, adding 8 in a single month makes me believe that I will surpass my reading goal this year. 

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