HBO Max to Reboot Harry Potter Franchise

Rumors of a Harry Potter television series reboot have been circulating for months but given author J.K. Rowling’s controversies surrounding her anti-transgender comments, many didn’t think it would become a reality. Yet, HBO Max is looking to close a deal involving seven seasons to bring each Harry Potter book to television. It already sounds like a creative and unethical potion for catastrophe. 

HBO Max to Reboot Harry Potter 

 Harry Potter will be made into a television series! HBO Maxis close to making a deal that will give them the rights to make a television show of J.K. Rowlings novels. 

Harry Potter movies
HBO Max to reboot Harry Potter

For months, there have been rumors that HBO Max would be bringing back Harry Potter. Now, it is close to becoming a reality as Rowling has signed off. Little is known as to what the show will be about. Our best guess is that it may start from the beginning with their own small changes.  

What to Expect 

The story of Harry Potter has already been told and the 8 movies are considered pretty good by most people. With that said, few people want to see the same thing again on their TV’s. It will be interesting to see how HBO Max approaches the show. 

No matter how you look at it, the franchise was always going to be rebooted sooner or later. The Harry Potter world is one of the biggest franchises in the world and is still making millions even with Rowling’s popularity going down the drain. 

What we do know is that HBO will go all out on this project and the effects will be amazing. The question for them is not whether the show will look amazing but how will fans respond? Anything related to Rowling is protested and it may hurt viewership.  


The fact that HBO is going through with this tells you that they are confident that Harry Potter is worth it. Only time will tell exactly how much.  

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