Book Series Review: His Dark Materials

Lyra’s friend Roger is kidnapped and she is adopted by Mrs Coulter, the leader of the Gobblers. Unbeknownst to Mrs Coutler, Lyra has an alethiometer, a truth-telling device that Lyra slowly learns how to use over time. Once Mrs Coutler is outed as the leader of the Gobblers, Lyra escapes and pursues the people who kidnapped Roger. … Read More >Book Series Review: His Dark Materials

The Magicians: Book Review

The novel focuses on Quentin learning magic in college for four years and his journey to Fillory, a mythological place that has turned into a popular kids book. Quentin grew up sad and depressed because Fillory isn’t real and neither is magic. That changes on one eventful day when he mysteriously vanished from fifth avenue in Brooklyn to upstate New York and ends up taking an entrance exam for Brakesbill. … Read More >The Magicians: Book Review