Prince Harry’s Book Displayed With How To Kill Your Family Goes Viral

I really do not want to cover Prince Harry’s autobiography Spare and made that my goal this week. Something about giving him the attention he craves for just doesn’t sit well with me. But an online post that went viral made me reconsider.

A Joke at the Royal’s Expense

Bert’s Books, located in the United Kingdom, shared a picture of Prince Harry’s book Spare in their window. The book next to it is called How to Kill Your Family. Talk about a perfectly executed joke. The internet loved their creative display and their Tweet went viral as a result.

Bert’s Books display goes viral

It feels like they also wanted to put this book behind them and cooked up a great joke for the amusement of the public. Michael Ritchie, who works at the store, doesn’t believe the book will be a best-seller for long. The high price of the book and few pre-orders are some of the reasons why.

He believes that the book is more targeted for Americans than the British. The store also initially sold Prince Harry bookmarks but people were not buying them. “Everyone who came in would regale us with stories about why they weren’t buying it,” he said.

Ritchie seems like a fun person to have a chat with at a café. What is your take on the book? I just want it to disappear from my news feed at this point. I already know too much about a book I care very little about. You can support Bert’s Books by buying from their website. Happy reading!

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