Nora Roberts’ Net Worth 

Author Nora Roberts goes by many names and in fact, Nora Roberts isn’t even her real name! It is Eleanor Marie Robertson. No matter what she goes by, Roberts is one of the richest authors alive. And she has written over 225 romance novels in her successful career. We decided to take a look at her net worth and how she accumulated her wealth over the decades. 

Early Career 

We have a blizzard to thank for Nora Roberts’ writing career. During a blizzard in February 1979, Nora was stuck at home with her two boys. With little else do to, she began writing down ideas and fell in love with the writing process. That led to six manuscripts being produced which she submitted to Harlequin, the leading publisher of romance novels at the time. They repeatedly rejected her works.  

As luck would have it, a new publisher, Silhouette books, arrived on the scene and turned the rejected manuscripts by Harlequin of many American authors into a thriving business. That included Roberts and she was able to publish her first novel in 1981. The reason why Roberts chose her name was because she believed all authors did it. Her name is a shortened version of her real name. 

Nora Roberts romance novels
Nora Roberts’ net worth

From 1982 to 1984, Roberts wrote 23 novels for Silhouette which were published through various Silhouette imprints. In 1985, Roberts first novel in the MacGregor family series became an immediate bestseller. Roberts signed with Bantam in 1987 and began writing single title books. After five years, Roberts signed with Putnam and wrote single title hardcovers as well as original paperbacks. It paid off as her fourth hardcover book Montana Sky reached the hardcover bestseller list. 

What is Nora Robert’s Net Worth?  

Nora Roberts’ net worth is estimated to be around $400 million. She makes around $20 million a year through her book sales. With over 225 books under her belt and the ability to write books at rapid speed, she has dominated the book charts for many decades. 


Sometimes, it takes a really bad storm to start your writing career. And a new book publishing company that is looking to capitalize on another company’s negligence. Luck played a part in starting Roberts’ career but her hard work and ability to finish manuscripts fast has helped her become one of the highest earning authors of all time!  

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