Barbara Taylor Bradford’s Net Worth 

Author Barbara Taylor Bradford’s has been writing for a long time and has become one of the wealthiest authors in the world. How much is Barbara Taylor Bradford net worth and how did she accumulate her wealth? Keep reading to find out.!

Early Career 

Most authors start writing young and that was also true for Bradford. But unlike most young writers, she was able to publish her story at age ten after sending it to a magazine. At age 15, Bradford left school and became a reporter. A change in residence at age 20 led her to become a fashion editor Woman’s Own magazine in London. Later, she became a columnist for the London Evening News.  

A Woman of Substance Barbara Taylor Bradford income networth
Barbara Taylor Bradford’s net worth

In her thirties, Bradford decided to pursue her desire to write a book. She had four fiction suspense novels that she worked on but gave up. A self-realization by Bradford made her finally write her first book.  

“I was in my late thirties. I thought: what if I get to 55, and I’ve never written a novel? I’m going to hate myself. I’m going to be one of those bitter, unfulfilled writers.”

Barbara Taylor Bradford

Bradford’s debut novel A Woman of Substance was a best seller and is ranked as one of the best-selling novels of all time. It was the first of 39 books by Bradford to become a best-seller in England and the United States. Her novels have sold over 92 million copies worldwide and have been translated in 40 different languages.  

Barbara Taylor Bradford’s Net Worth 

Bradford’s net worth is estimated to be around $300 million. Her income is made up of book sales and ten of her books being made into television shows. She is the 7th richest author in the world as a result.  


It is amazing to start off a writing career with a best-seller. Bradford was hesitant about writing and pushed it back for many years. She even scraped 4 books that she was writing because she didn’t think they were good enough. It must have been an amazing feeling to see her debut novel be as successful as it was. Bradford has etched her name as one of the highest selling authors and expect her to crack 100 million copies sold in the near future.

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