The Ten Richest Authors in the World 

Writing best-sellers over a couple of decades has made many authors millionaires and even billionaires. A few of them have written over 200 novels and one of them has written one of, if not the most popular book series of all time. Find out the ten richest authors in the world and how much their net worth it.  

The Ten Richest Authors in the World

Many of these authors are constantly on the best-seller lists and names you are familiar with. You have seen their books on stands at stores and even if you have never read any of their books, you know their names. With influence like that, it is easy to see how the ten richest authors made their money. Well, most of them anyway.  

The Ten Richest Authors in the World 

  1. Jeffrey Archer – $195 Million 
  2. John Grisham – $220 Million 
  3. Nigel Blackwell – $292.5 Million 
  4. Barbara Taylor Bradford – $300 Million 
  5. Danielle Steel – $310 Million 
  6. Nora Roberts – $390 Million 
  7. Stephen King – $400 Million 
  8. James Patterson – $560 Million  
  9. J.K. Rowling – $1 Billion 
  10. Elisabeth Badinter – 1.3 Billion 

The Richest Author in the World

You may be asking who is Elisabeth Badinter? She is an author that made most of her money through inheritance via shares. Since she is an author, she is considered for this list and happens to be the richest.  

This list contains authors that have successfully crossed into the mainstream media like J. K. Rowling, and Stephen King. Their novels are considered some of the best literary works of all time. Others on the list include top tier authors such as James Paterson, Nora Roberts, and Danielle Steel.  


Were you surprised by the list of the ten richest authors in the world? How many of their works have you read? Let us know in the comments below! 

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    Elisabeth Badinter doesn’t belong on this list. You’re mixing apples and pomegranates.


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