Colleen Hoover’s Latest Book Has a Big First Day Debut  

Colleen Hoover’s new book It Starts with us has released recently and it is selling like crazy. It hasn’t been a week since the book came out and it has already set up for a huge debut. Find out how many copies her book sold in its first day. 

2022 is Colleen Hoover’s Year

This has been Colleen Hoover’s year and that is common knowledge at this point unless you were living under a rock for the past year and a half. She has been charting numerous books on many different best-seller lists. Many people assumed that it was a phase and that things would go back to normal but this seems to be the new normal.

Hoover doesn’t understand her popularity either. On her Twitter bio, it says “I don’t get it either.” That hasn’t stopped people from devouring her books and making her a mainstay on every chart. 

It Starts with Us Sells A Record Number of Copies

It Starts With Us by Colleen Hoover sequel to It Ends with US
It Starts With Us shatter record

Her latest book, It Starts with Us, the sequel to the bestseller It Ends with Us, came out October 18th. It became the most pre-ordered book in Simon & Schuster’s history and sold over 800,000 in sales by the end of the day. That number includes presales and first day sales. Numbers like that are almost unheard of. Former president Barack Obama’s memoir in 2020 Promised Land sold 890,000 copies in its first day.

It is hard to grasp the fact that Hoover is almost as popular in the literary world as Obama. Anyone who has been following the book charts knows that Hoover has risen to fame with her ridiculous success in the past couple of years. Bookstores keep seeing Hoover’s books flying off the shelves and they don’t get it either. 


Tik Tok may have gave Hoover the spotlight but her success is due to her writing and attention to detail. If anyone deserves the success they had, it is Hoover. 2022 is Hoover’s year and it will be interesting to see how many books she sells for the whole year. This book’s first week sales will shatter records and it alone will outsell many authors total book sales. She is the new queen of book sales and it isn’t even close. 

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