Emma Watson Discusses Friendship with Costar Tom Felton in His New Book

Emma Watson showers her former Harry Potter costar Tom Felton with praise in his new book.

Emma Watson Discusses Her Friendship With Tom Felton in his Book

Felton’s memoir Beyond the Wand: The Magic and Mayhem of Growing Up opens up with a forward written by Watson. In it, she talks about their lasting friendship and how they are soulmates.

“You know that person in your life who makes you feel seen?” Watson writes in the book. “That person who is somehow a witness to all that unfolds? That person who knows — really knows — what is happening to you and what you’re going through, without anything having to be said? For me, that person is Tom Felton.”

Harry Potter's Tom Felton's new Book
Tom Felton’s New Book Beyond the Wand

Felton Was Protective of Watson on Set

Their friendship is still going strong today as Felton said at the Harry Potter 20-year anniversary special that he acted like a big brother to Watson when filming. 

“I became very protective over her,” he said. “I’ve always had a soft spot for her and that continues to this day. There’s always been something that’s like, I don’t know, a kinship.”

Watson Opens Up About Her Crush on Felton Growing Up

In the anniversary special, Watson admitted that she had a crush on Felton on the Harry Potter set.

“He was my first crush,” Waston said. “He totally knows. We talked about it. We still laugh about it. We are really good friends now, and that’s cool,” she added. I used to come in every day and look for his number on the call sheet, it was No. 7, and if his name was on the call sheet, it was an extra-exciting day.”

Actress Emma Watson loves to read
Emma Watson

Watson has gone on to say that nothing romantically has ever happened between them and they are close friends. She inspired him to share his experience of his rehab escape in the book. 

“Emma (Watson) was a big force of encouragement to be like, ‘This will resonate with people,’ ” Felton said. “It wouldn’t really seem right just to talk about all the fluffy stuff. … After encouragement, I was given a bit more confidence in myself to go, ‘You know what? This happened, and this is part of my life.’ ” 

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