This is George R.R. Martin’s Favorite Targaryen

There are hundreds of characters in the Game of Thorns universe and everyone has one that they are rooting for. One of the most famous families in the series is the Targaryen and author Goerge R.R. Martin’s favorite is one that many find chaotic and unpredictable.

George R.R. Martin’s Favorite Targaryen

If you guessed Daemon Targaryen, then you would be right. Who is Daemon Targaryen? He is the brother of King Vicerys Targaryen and the prince of Dragonstone. Daemon wanted to be named heir to the throne but he was believed to be unpredictable and thus skipped by his brother and his council. Vicerys named his daughter Rhaenyra the heir to the throne, making Daemon flee and for the time being.

Martin’s choice is an odd one considering Daemon has very little regard for others. But that is part of the reason why Martin likes the younger Targaryen brother.

Daemon Targaryen House of the Dragon
Daemon Targaryen

“I’m notorious for my love of grey characters and one of the greyest characters in the entire history of Westeros is Daemon Targaryen, the Rogue Prince,” Martin said.

Well there you have it. Martin likes Daemon because he is a grey character. Considering Martin wrote him, he knew what he was doing when he invented Daemon Targaryen.

The Rogue Prince

If you haven’t seen the new HBO show, House of the Dragon, then you haven’t seen him before. HBO’s character description of him is unique and definitely an attention grabber.

“The younger brother to King Viserys, and peerless warrior and dragonrider, Daemon possesses the true blood of the dragon. But it is said that whenever a Targaryen is born, the gods toss a coin in the air…”

Interpret that as you will. Whatever your opinion of Daemon is, there is no denying that he makes the show a lot more interesting. He will play a big part in the coming episodes so stay tuned!

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