E-books to Overtake Print in 2022 at the Houston Public Library

E-books are surging in popularity at the Houston Public Library and will overtake print as the majority of media checked out. 

It was four years ago when print books were favored as they were 75% of the media checked out at the library. Last year, they were both even as the most checked out media. And by the end of this year, e-books will lead as the most checked out media. 

E-books Rise in Popularity

The change in preference for digital media started in 2018 at the Houston library and has slowly shifted since then. The pandemic played a part but physical check-outs were dropping before then across most branches. That alongside with an increase in digital media made e-books much more appealing over the years.

Houston Public Library sees surge in e-books checked out
Houston Public Library sees an increase in e-books being check out

Checking out e-books can be done at home and does not require to come to the physical library, saving time as a result. Houston is the fourth largest city in the nation and that may also play a part in the recent shift towards digital media. 

That hasn’t stopped the HPL from expanding as they offer much more than books and e-books. They offer streaming service that offer music, film, documentaries, and access to technical equipment such as laser-cutters, embroidery machines, and a recording studio. You can also check out small laptops and wireless hotspots just like a book

Houston Public Library Offer Many Services

Besides checkout out books and various media, you can also find events taking place at the Houston library. Authors discuss their books, languages classes are offered, and cultural performances take place every month.

E-books are a great alternative because of the convenience but they will never fully replace books. They will however save you a trip to the library!

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  1. Shanti says:

    I so agree. Nothing can beat print on paper – a book I can hold in my hands.


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